3 Fall Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

3 Fall Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

The fall months are such an exciting time to have a birthday—especially when you’re a kid! You get to have fun with cool weather activities and indulge in delicious fall foods. Plus, it’s something to look forward to as you reluctantly prepare to go back to school!

There are a lot of ways to get creative when throwing a birthday party for kids in the fall. Here are some of our favorite seasonal ideas for September and October celebrations!

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1.) Pumpkin Painting

Covering your hands in pumpkin guts and carving a goofy or scary face into your pumpkin is a classic tradition. If your partygoers are a little older, then carving might be an exciting activity for a birthday party. If you’re planning something for younger children though, a safer and equally as enjoyable option is pumpkin painting!

Embrace the motif with pumpkin-themed food—pie, roasted seeds, a cute little pumpkin fruit patch—and one-of-a-kind pumpkin balloon décor. After your art session, have the kids vote on their favorite design and offer a prize to the winner!

2.) Fall Festival

One of the best parts about fall is all of the lively festivals held to honor the season! Make your child’s party its own special festivity with staple festival foods, activities, and arts and crafts. Offer up an easy candy corn snack mix and some delectable pumpkin cupcakes to celebrate the birthday star.

Schedule a few standard festival games and events like a Halloween costume contest or a round of flag football. Go all out with a mini-haybale maze and a backyard pumpkin patch! Don’t forget to bring in a classic face painter to give the kids their favorite fall designs.

3.) Caramel Apple Decorating

We like to think of this one as the autumnal version of making a gingerbread house. Gather your kiddo and their friends and have them each dip their own caramel or candy apples to enjoy later! Put out some fun toppings for them to decorate with—like crushed up cookies, fall-colored sprinkles, or mini-chocolate chips.

While you wait for the apples to set, have your little guests bob for apples or watch a fun Halloween movie! Stop at the bakery for a traditional apple pie, cinnamon donuts, and of course you’ll need a gallon or two of crisp apple cider.

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