3 Things You Need to Complete Your Under the Sea Kids Party

3 Things You Need to Complete Your Under the Sea Kids Party

Balloon Artists for Hire in San Antonio, TXWhen it comes to killer party themes, under the sea is a classic. The ocean is a fascinating, mysterious place, that also has cool and laidback vibes. What better combination is there to get your guests excited for a party?!

Kids especially tend to love an under the sea experience, which makes it a great option for an unforgettable child’s birthday party. To really nail the theme and get kids excited about diving deep into the wonders of the ocean, get inspired by these creative under the sea party ideas!

1) Under the Sea Treats

The first item on any decent themed-party checklist is, of course, the food! Kids love creative treats, so use your menu as an opportunity to go all out. Try something simple, like edible “seaweed” (green Sour Punch Straws) displayed in a clear vase with a fun label. Or, make a treat your child can help prepare with you—like these adorable fish cupcakes! All you’ll need is some frosting, food coloring, and colorful M&Ms to perfect the job.

2) Under the Sea Decorations

Transport your little party guests down into the depths of the ocean waters with décor that features their favorite sea creatures. Use paper lanterns to create colorful hanging fish that “swim” around the party and help set the tone. Make your under the sea grotto even more convincing with detailed, custom balloon art and décor from our talented balloon artists!

3) Under the Sea Games

Even the most delicious treats and beautiful decorations will be wasted on an under the sea party with no fun games and activities planned. Get kids moving with a deep sea relay or jelly fish jump! Or, give them an opportunity to explore the depths of the ocean themselves with this exciting ocean-themed search and find game. There are no limitations to the adventures you can have under the sea!

Take your under the sea party to the next level with elaborate balloon art and custom balloon décor from All Things Balloon! Our balloon specialists have plenty of experience recreating the magic of the ocean or any other theme you have in mind for your next event.

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