5 Ideas to Take Your Virtual Party to the Next Level

5 Ideas to Take Your Virtual Party to the Next Level

The coronavirus has changed the way we approach many different facets of life, especially socializing and special events. It’s difficult to spend quality time with friends and family and celebrate special occasions when you have to stay six feet apart, after all.

But thankfully, it is in our nature to adapt when new circumstances arise. With the help of technology, the creative minds of the internet and event industry have come up with many innovative solutions for throwing virtual parties that keep us connected with one another. Check out these ideas for making your virtual celebration as fun and interactive as an in-person event!

1) Choose a theme.

Get guests excited and involved in your virtual party by implementing a theme. Ask people to dress up, so that everyone is making an effort. You can even entice them with prizes for the “best outfit”, “funniest costume”, and other categories. A theme will give your virtual party direction and make it more memorable for everyone!

2) Plan activities.

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When throwing an actual party, would you just invite people over and not plan anything for them to do? Hopefully not—that would be a pretty boring event! You should approach your virtual gathering the same way, planning activities to keep things organized and exciting. Create an agenda to send out ahead of time to get people pumped. Or, just let them know you have some fun surprises planned, as a little mystery can get people just as excited. A few virtual activities to plan might be:

  • Virtual games
  • Trivia with prizes
  • A shared craft (send supplies to everyone beforehand)
  • Story time about the guest of honor
  • Gift opening (send to guest of honor beforehand)

3) Hire some entertainment.

Many performers are doing virtual gigs these days, since in-person performances aren’t really safe right now. Consider bringing someone in to provide entertainment to your virtual party guests. Hire someone who can teach you all a new skill together, like a makeup artist or cake decorator who offers classes. Or, bring in a local musician, comedian, or even a magician to put on a thrilling show! An entertainer will give party goers something to look forward to and keep your virtual celebration lively and interesting.

4) Create a party atmosphere in your home.

It’s easy for a virtual party to lack that same festive feeling that makes you feel like celebrating at an in-person gathering. Help salvage some of that celebratory atmosphere by setting up your virtual party space the same way you would for a regular party! Make sure you have plenty of visible decorations in your backdrop. You might even want to send a box of decorations and party supplies to guests for them to deck out their own space. Buy some party hats, streamers, and some standout balloon décor to station around you (especially if you have a theme to work with). Don’t forget to throw on a good party playlist for some background jams too.

5) Provide food for your guests.

Part of being a good host is providing food and drinks for your guests. Just because you’re not in the same room doesn’t mean you can’t fulfill these duties. There are plenty of options for getting party food and drinks to guests in their homes. You can make food and drink kits, with recipes included, and deliver to guests to prepare ahead of time or try together for a fun party activity. Or, have food delivered from the same restaurant on the day of the event. If delivery isn’t an option, place an order at a restaurant and give guests instructions to pick up their portion. Sharing a meal during your virtual party is a great way to feel connected and celebrate something together!

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