6 Socially-Distant Ways to Celebrate Halloween in 2020

6 Socially-Distant Ways to Celebrate Halloween in 2020

This year has been tough on everyone. We’ve all been stuck inside, unable to see our friends and family, and trying to adjust to the new normal (at least for now). That’s why it’s more important now than ever to jump at any reason or occasion that gives us an opportunity to celebrate and have some fun—like Halloween!

If it weren’t for the whole global pandemic thing, we would’ve hit the jackpot for Halloween this year. Not only does it fall on a Saturday, but we gain a whole extra hour to celebrate as Daylight Savings takes effect in the early Sunday morning hours. Pandemic or not, we can’t let that go entirely to waste. Here are a few safe and creative ways to get spooky this year that are in the spirit of both Halloween and social distancing!

Halloween Balloon Art and Decor in San Antonio, TX1) Organize a Halloween parade.

Remember all of those birthday drive-bys you probably saw earlier in the year? Why not bring them back to show off your killer Halloween costume? Plan a Halloween parade with your friends or neighbors where kids, adults, and even pets can dress up and walk six feet apart or bike down the street! You could even plan for designated adults or kids in the parade to hand out some candy.

2) Deck out your house.

Since you’re spending so much time in your house this Halloween, celebrate by going all out with the decorations this year! You can take the DIY route and turn it into a family craft project or shop the many Halloween décor collections online and in stores. Add an extra challenge and get the neighbors to make it a contest with you. Make it really memorable with some special Halloween balloon decorations (which also happen to make the perfect background for a costume photo-op).

3) Do a backyard candy scavenger hunt.

If you’re opting out of trick-or-treating this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your kids work for their candy. Hide pieces of candy or little Halloween goodie bags around the front and backyard of your house and send them on an after-dark scavenger hunt! You can keep it as a household event or throw on some masks and get the whole block involved. Make it more exciting for older kids by adding obstacles, like a mini-haybale maze or having a volunteer dress up scary and pop out from behind trees.

4) Host a Halloween movie night.

For families who would prefer to have a more lowkey celebration after a hectic few months, plan a Halloween movie night instead of an elaborate activity. Cozy up inside and let everyone choose a favorite Halloween film—scary or fun—and don’t forget to load up on the candy! If you want to expand your movie circle, try using a movie-sharing app to stream with other households at the same time.

5) Throw a virtual Halloween party.

Virtual parties are a great way to safely connect with friends and family from all over the country, so there’s no reason you can’t take your Halloween party online this year! Treat it like you would a real party, complete with invitations, a spooktacular playlist, and of course, costumes. Deliver goodie bags or cocktail kits to guests ahead of time and plan some games and activities you can do together online.

6) Go around the neighborhood and “ghost” people.

No, we’re not suggesting you leave your friends’ texts on read. “Ghosting” for Halloween is when you leave treats on people’s porches and run away! It’s sort of like a reverse trick-or-treating or ding dong ditch with more sugar. You and your family will have fun making up little gift bags or picking out people to “ghost” together. It’s the perfect no-contact way to spread a little Halloween cheer.

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