Baby Showers and Gender reveals

If  you are having a baby shower, balloons can be a fun and delightful way to decorate your event. Balloon centerpieces, columns and/or Balloon photo frames make for great photo opportunities, and the colors can really fill up a room.

We also have a unique way to let everyone know the sex of the incoming baby! Our “Gender Reveal” column is a cute way to celebrate this occasion — we build a 5′-tall balloon column in pinks and blues, and top it with a 36 inch Black balloon. This big balloon is filled with bunches of either pink or blue 5″ round balloons, and this one will get popped at the appropriate moment. Oohs and Ahhhs, and lots of photo ops can make this event even more memorable!

Balloon decorator - balloon "Baby Reveal" column
        Baby Reveal column   baby shower - balloon stork with balloon baby in basket


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