Balloon Safety Tips for Your Next Party

Balloon Safety Tips for Your Next Party

Balloons, streamers, noisemakers, party hats—these are all go-to decorations and favors when it comes to throwing a classic birthday party! Over the years though, a few safety concerns have popped up regarding the use of some of these fun accessories, balloons included.

Any item used the wrong way can be a hazard to children and adults alike. If you follow the package instructions and use a little bit of common sense, the risks that balloons pose are easily avoided. Take a look at some of the basic guidelines we’ve highlighted for practicing good balloon safety, so you don’t miss out on this fun and essential party favor!Balloon Art and Decorations in San Antonio, TX

Be careful with helium.

Helium balloons are great for décor and the gas and balloons themselves are perfectly safe. The safety risks associated with helium come from the heavy, highly pressurized cylinders that they’re stored in. If you’re filling your own balloons with helium for a party, be sure to store and handle it with care. Only authorized adults should be managing these cylinders.

Always point the nozzle on a helium cylinder away from you while inflating balloons, and double check that it’s securely in place and fastened upright before you begin using it. Make sure to twist the canister closed when you’ve finished.

Don’t let children handle uninflated latex balloons.

Latex balloon pieces are a choking hazard to children who grab them off the ground or out of the bag and start chewing on them. They can also choke on air they suck in trying to blow them up. This is why it’s best to leave balloon care and preparation to the adults.

Throw out any popped balloons as soon as you notice them, picking up and discarding the pieces as they break. Also be vigilant in supervising kids if they’re playing with balloon animals or volleying them back and forth.

Be responsible with balloon accessories.

There are a lot of fun and unique ways to use balloons for special occasions, which is probably why they’re so popular in the first place! Sometimes they come equipped with accessories that make it easier to blow them up, keep them inflated, and for children to handle.

Balloon valves are small plastic pieces that are inserted into the neck of an inflated balloon to seal it without tying a knot. They’re great for saving time and work but they can be another choking hazard, so take care to discard of them as soon as the balloons pop. Similarly, balloon sticks are useful tools for placing balloons in spots for decoration and for allowing kids to hold and play with them. However, they can also pose a safety risk if they’re taken apart or broken, so keep an eye out for any plastic pieces from those as well.

If you don’t think you’ll have the time to carefully prepare your balloons and supervise your kids as they use them, leave the safety concerns to the professionals! Contact All Things Balloon to guarantee an easy, secure, and exciting party experience for everyone in attendance. Our premier balloon artistry will blow your stress and your guests away!