Ballooniversity -- Balloon Decorators gone wild!

We recently attended Ballooniversity in Athens, GA, This event is put on every 5 years by those awesome folks at Burton & Burton, and this event always attracts some of the absolute best balloon artists and balloon decorators in the business. Here are a few photos of the grand finale/gala, where some of the absolute best in the balloon biz get a chance to show off their jaw-dropping skills.

The balloon scenery below was revealed after walking through a 30′ long balloon tunnel. Even those of us who have been in the balloon industry for a while were bedazzled by these truly amazing works of balloon art!

We realize most of our clients do not need a giant ball room decked out in amazing balloon creations (don’t even ask how much this would cost!), but we can provide elements of this design into your event. Contact us at 210 734-9860 to discuss your balloon decoration requirements.    Enjoy!

Balloon decorations - life-sized balloon zebras playing
Balloon Zebras frolicking
life-sized balloon zebras
Balloon Zebra herd
balloon ceiling fixtures resembling vines/trees
Ceiling decorations
Balloon decoration - balloon Tiki scene
Tiki scene
Balloon decorations - balloon waterfall scene
Giant Balloon waterfall and birds
Balloon decor - life-sized balloon tree
Life-like balloon tree
balloon decor - life-sized balloon rhinoceros
life-sized balloon rhinoceros
Balloon decor - life-sized balloon Ibex herd
Balloon Ibix herd
Balloon jungle scenery
balloon decoration - African tundra scene
African tundra with balloon tree and balloon Meerkat
balloon decoration - life-sized elephant and waterfall scene
life-sized balloon elephant and balloon waterfall
giant balloon flag decorations
giant balloon US Flag