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Balloon characters

— are some of the most requested balloon sculptures! Unfortunately, these sculptures usually require a lot of time and balloons to construct, and most events are not just not long enough! The good news – you can choose one of these (or something similar) as the special balloon for the special kid (or other VIP), and will be included FREE when you book one or more of our balloon artists for your event.

As you can see from the examples below, it takes a lot of detail to make a balloon character look similar to the original thing. We really try to get the essence of the character, and to make them cool enough to be in a lot of photos that will taken at your event.

You can also order these sculptures individually – expect to spend $50 to $100 (or more) — call us to discuss your needs, and we can give you a better idea of the costs.

There are a few things that would take sooooooo long to build that there would be a really large extra $$ charge to build one for your event — any Transformers, boy bands/pop stars, a huge number of complicated cartoon characters, anything wearing a hat — all fall into the way-too-complicated category.

(Note:  Clicking on any photo will show you a really BIG version of the photo — please hit “Esc” or click the little white “x” in the upper right corner to return to the gallery)

balloon artist- balloon Batman created for kid's birthday party
kids party: balloon artist: Captain America balloon
balloon artist - balloon version of Wonder Woman
balloon artist - balloon R2D2 created for kids star wars party
balloon artist - balloon Spiderman created for kid's birthday event
balloon artist- balloon Red Power Ranger created for kid's birthday party
balloon artist - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles balloon sculptures
kid' birthday party - balloon artist - balloon football player
For the Aggie fan
birthday party: balloon artist; balloon football player
Go Cowboys!
Balloon delivery -- balloon artist - balloon version of Elsa princess
balloon artist kid's party - balloon Minion characters
kid's birthday party - the best Hello Kitty balloon sculpture!
Kid's Party; balloon artist; Rainbow pony
kids party - balloon Slimer
balloon artist; kid's birthday party; balloon parody of Olaf snowman
birthday party - genie with lamp balloon
balloon artist- balloon Roger Rabbit created for kid's birthday party
kids birthday - balloon Mickey Mouse
kids birthday - balloon Minnie Mouse
kids parties - Cheshire Cat balloon
balloon artist - balloon princess
balloon artist- balloon Adventure Time Finn created for kid's birthday party
balloon artist - balloon minecraft Enderman
kid's party - MineCraft Creeper
balloon artist - balloon robot character built for kid's birthday event
kid's party - balloon Duncan dunking ball

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