COVID-Safe Ideas for Your Grand Opening Event

COVID-Safe Ideas for Your Grand Opening Event

The pandemic has taken a significant toll on businesses from all industries over the last year. Many business owners have had to shut down, permanently or temporarily, or have had to hold off on opening their new business if they were poised to open sometime in 2020. Fortunately, with certain adaptations and restrictions, a lot of those businesses have recently been able to open (or reopen) their doors to customers.

Although you won’t be able to have a typical grand opening event right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t plan something special to celebrate joining the market again. Here are a few COVID-friendly suggestions to make your grand opening or reopening a success!

Offer promotions or a discount.

A lot of people are hurting financially right now, or at the very least being conservative about their spending. Offering a promotion or sale for your grand opening can be a big draw to help combat your customers’ hesitancy. You could do something as big as 25-50% off all products and services or certain categories of them. Or, just a simple BOGO sale or free gift with purchase can be just as effective. It might be a bit of a loss in immediate profits, but it will greatly increase the likelihood that people get hooked on your products, become repeat customers, and/or recommend you to others!

Provide free curbside pickup or delivery for the day.

Curbside pickup and delivery are safe and appealing alternatives to customers who are still wary about going out. Since a lot of people will probably still be reluctant to come out to your business event, plus you will have capacity limits to contend with anyway, these are both great options for getting your products in as many hands as possible. You’ll show your customers that you can meet their needs, while expanding your audience at the same time.

Set up a food station.

How many people do you know who would turn down free food? Probably not too many! An open buffet or expensive catering may not be smart or feasible choices in the current circumstances, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still entice people with free treats. Set up a designated area for people to get some free goodies to either take home or enjoy while social distancing. If you’re a food-based business, this is a great opportunity to hand out free samples or even prepared takeout meals for people to bring home. If you don’t offer any food at your business, some free prepackaged baked goods or sweets is still a good way to convince a few people that it’s worth coming out to your event.

Go big with decorations.

Balloon Decoration Company in San Antonio, TXAttention-grabbing decorations are a must for any grand opening event, no matter where or when you’re having it. The right decorations will help set a festive mood, make your event look professional, and draw the attention of passersby to your business. Unique decorations can also serve as a great backdrop for a photo op, which people can’t get enough of in the Instagram age. Encourage people to share their pictures on social media and use a special grand opening hashtag or tag you. It’ll be fun for them and get you some free advertising in the process!

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