Dinos! Dragons! Bugs!

 — stuff dreams (or maybe bad dreams) are made from!

We have had a few unusual request over the past few years — giant house flies, giant cock roaches, scorpions — but the birthday kid usually gets what he/she wants. (We really hope no one requests giant slugs or maggots — yeeeuck!). Most of these creatures are around 3 or 4 feet long/wide, and are sure to delight anyone who likes this type of stuff.

(Note:  Clicking on any photo will show you a really BIG version of the photo — please click the little white “x” in the upper right corner to return to the gallery)


balloon artist - balloon Triceratops built for kid's birthday party
Balloon artist - kid's birthday party - balloon dragon
kid's party - balloon cockroach
balloon artist - balloon dragon
kids parties - balloon Pterodactyl
birthday party - balloon scorpion
Kid's party - balloon artist: balloon brown ant
kids party - balloon insect
balloon artist- balloon Yellow Jacket created for kid's birthday party
Kid's party - balloon artist: balloon Red ant
birthday party - balloon housefly
birthday party - balloon Catepillar
birthday party - balloon lady bug and balloon fairy

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