How to Host a Classy Valentine’s Day Party

How to Host a Classy Valentine’s Day Party

As kids we handed out Valentine’s cards and conversation hearts to everyone in class. As an adult, you’re probably looking to commemorate the holiday with something a little more sophisticated.

There are plenty of people out there who view Valentine’s day as a “Hallmark holiday” or a cheesy, trivial tradition. If you approach it with the right perspective though, you can choose to make it a meaningful celebration of the love you share with your partner or closest friends and family. Use these tips to throw an elegant soiree that will stay in your loved ones’ hearts for years of Valentine’s Days to come!

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Go with a classic color palette.

For a Valentine’s celebration that speaks more to adults, stick with red, white, and black for your décor. This will help give your party a clean, refined look and keep it from feeling tacky or over-the-top. Incorporate a few shades of pastel pink or even splashes of gold for some fun and to add visual interest!

Provide a few artfully themed snacks and grown-up drinks.

You want to have fun and satisfy your guests with your Valentine’s Day food spread, but also keep it simple. Lay out a few sweet treats and appetizers that go along with the theme of the holiday.

Bowls of foil-wrapped chocolates, heart-shaped cake pops, bruschetta bites, and savory dips with chips and veggies are all tantalizing ways to impress your partygoers. Don’t forget to crack open a few bottles of wine and mix up some Valentine’s Day cocktails to get people feeling the love!

Use lighting to set the mood.

Set the right ambiance for your party with tasteful lighting that embodies the tone of the holiday. Dim the lights or string twinkle lights to create a lowkey, romantic atmosphere to celebrate the wonderful powers of love! Add a few lit candles to really bring the vibe together.

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