How to Plan a Mother’s Day Brunch Mom Will Never Forget

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Considering everything mothers do for us, they deserve to be celebrated every day of the year. But since it wouldn’t be very practical to show mom the appreciation she’s entitled to every single day, we set aside a designated day each year to try to pack all that gratitude in at once. Mother’s Day is your opportunity to ensure mom knows just how much she means to you and how much she deserves to be celebrated.

When brainstorming ideas, it’s difficult to think of a better way to do that than surrounded by family and, of course, delicious food. A Mother’s Day brunch gives you the chance to pamper and serve the woman who has spent her whole life pampering and serving you. To make sure your brunch is the special event mom deserves, use these tips below to help you plan!

Make it upscale.

A Mother’s Day brunch shouldn’t feel like just another meal. It should feel like a celebration to honor the woman who gave you life! Do it up right and break out the good china, fine silverware, fancy place settings, and deluxe table linens. Keep it simple, so it doesn’t overwhelm or overshadow the guest of honor, but still elegant. Don’t forget to dress for the occasion too and go the extra mile to show mom you care.

Use balloons and fresh flowers to bring in color.

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Pops of color will make your brunch feel fun, joyful, and springy (to fit with the season). Flowers are a must for Mother’s Day, and also happen to be perfect for adding life and color to your celebration. Order a special floral centerpiece or flower arrangement to set on the table. Or, if you’re crafty, you can make your own with faux flowers and gift them to mom when the day is over! You could always go classic too with a bouquet of her favorite flowers in a vase. Roses, carnations, orchids, and tulips are all excellent options.

Balloons are another easy way to decorate and bring some fun to your brunch atmosphere. Choose something tasteful, like balloon columns or an intricate sculpture, to keep the sophisticated vibe going. A balloon artist can even create some unique, custom décor based on what your mom likes to really make it special!

Personalize the menu.

Aside from mom, the other star of your Mother’s Day brunch should be the food! Choose recipes or catering based on your mom’s preferences. Today is her day, so be sure to spoil her with her favorites, even if they’re not your favorites. Make a buffet of her preferred breakfast foods or get her favorite restaurant to cater.

Another option is to cook meals that have sentimental meaning to your family. Did mom always make pancakes for you in the morning growing up? Make it a pancake brunch with a delectable selection of pancake flavors and toppings! If you want to make things extra festive, make a signature cocktail just for mom or mix up her favorite adult beverage to go with the meal.

Snap some photos.

As we said, you can’t really show mom the level of appreciation she truly deserves every single day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give her a reminder of the one day of the year you are able to! Take plenty of photos during Mother’s Day brunch to capture this new memory you’re making together. You might consider hiring a professional photographer for the morning/afternoon.

Or, if you prefer to DIY, create a nice setup for taking photos on your own. A nice backdrop, colorful balloon frame, and fun Mother’s Day-themed props will make for some truly special pictures you can all cherish forever.

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