Sharing Balloon concepts

Unlike Magicians, who are generally a very secretive bunch, balloon artists are often kind enough to share their designs. One great example of this is Patrick van de Ven, one of the world’s BEST balloon artists. I have had the chance to take a class or two with Patrick — he is an excellent instructor, as well. And over the years, I have “borrowed” some of his concepts to fill out my balloon repertoire.  Here are a few of my favorites of Patrick’s thousands of incredible designs — first, those that he that he has built …

Patrick Van de Ven, most awesome balloon artist
Patrick Van de Ven, most awesome balloon artist
balloon m mouse
Just about the PERFECT Mickey design!
balloon Minnie M.
the most precious Minnie concept
balloon pooh bear
A fantastic version of Pooh
balloon Goofy dog
Adorable Goofy design
balloon boots monkey
the best Boots idea I have seen
balloon Squidworth concept
Love this Squidwerth
balloon Wooly Mammoth
I need a lesson on how to even start this fantastic version of a woolly mammoth
balloon giraffe
Stole this idea already
balloon bird - Cockatiel
Also swiped this design
balloon Sad Turtle
This is my next acquisition
balloon sea turtle
really great Sea turtle design


Patrick has come up with literally thousands of similar designs, and I have been inspired to adopt several of his designs into my collection.


Here are my humble attempts at emulating Patrick’s incredible talent….I hope to someday be able to just reproduce his Mickey design! Thank you again, Patrick — I LOVE your work, and look forward to seeing you at WBC, or the FL Super Jam, or…….

Balloon artist - balloon giraffe for kid's birthday event
balloon artist: kids party: balloon jumping tree frog
balloon artist - Centerpiece-Parrot Palm Tree
Balloon Artist - balloon Cockatoo
balloon artist - balloon parrot
kids birthday - balloon Mickey Mouse