The advantage of having a master balloon artist on staff...

There are lots of really talented balloon decorators out there, capable of some really beautiful balloon decor.  But if you happen to have one of San Antonio’s very best balloon artist to add his twist to balloon decor, you get some really awesome balloon decor. Check out just a few of our “DecoTwist” creations…

balloon decorations - balloon centerpiece - balloon chicken on pedestal
Balloon Decoration - Balloon column - Under the sea theme
balloon decor - balloon centerpieces; balloon bulldog centerpieces
balloon decor- balloon Uncle Sam and Fireworks display created for kid's birthday party
balloon artist - undersea centerpiece
balloon decorator - Centerpiece - Mermaid
Balloon artist - Shark Centerpiece
balloon artist - Centerpiece-Parrot Palm Tree

 Let us create something truly memorable for your next event!