Tips for Using Balloons in Summer Heat

Tips for Using Balloons in Summer Heat

Balloon Decor for Events in San Antonio, TXWith schools out, the sun shining, and long hours of beautiful daylight, it’s no wonder summer is such a popular time to throw a party. Many people who plan a celebration for the summer months like to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and host their event outside.

While there are a lot of fun and creative options for theme, food, décor, and outdoor activities, there is one thing that requires a little extra consideration for a summer party—your balloons. Use these tips to help your balloons hold up in the blazing summer heat!

Underinflate your balloons.

When balloons absorb heat, they expand. If you’ll be setting up balloons outside in high temperatures, you can help them last longer by underinflating them. The best way to do this is to overinflate first, then release air slowly until they’re about 90% inflated.

Stick with light colors.

Just like you want to avoid wearing black clothes in the summer sun, you’ll want to opt for light colors when decorating outside with balloons. Because dark colors absorb heat faster, darker balloons will pop sooner. Instead, use pale and pastel shades interspersed with plenty of white balloons that will refract light and help slow the fading of the colors.

Place balloons in the shade.

If possible, especially on particularly hot days or for an afternoon event, try to set up your balloons in the shade to offer them some extra protection from the sun. Balloons displayed under trees or party tents can be just as festive as ones that are out in the open and less likely to overheat and burst.

Display balloons using a structure for extra stability.

Decorating with balloons using poles or a frame will help keep them floating as they slowly deflate in the heat and securely in place on a windy day. For an extra measure of protection against overheating, cover the structure in white duct tape before you position the balloons to prevent the poles from absorbing heat as well.

For the best results when decorating with balloons for an outdoor summer event, it’s best to leave it to the pros. At All Things Balloon, our artists are well-trained in the best materials and techniques to use to create balloon décor that can withstand the heat of the Texas sun for as long as possible. We’ll do our best to ensure your balloons stay beautiful and in place for the duration of your event.

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