Unusual Requests for balloon creations

There are literally thousands of themes that can be chosen when having an event. One of the things we ask when booking a balloon artist or face painter is “what is your event’s theme?”

We can usually pull something out of the hat that will at least compliment the theme; however, we are occasionally challenged to come up with somehting really unique for the event. Here are just 4 examples of some of the stranger event creations we’ve had to come up with.  First, not toooooo unusual – a sized 26 Air Jordan shoe. Next, the birthday kid really LOVES — cockroaches?! Then we had a very specific request from a soon-to-be 4 year old “A Penguin wearing sunglasses on a surfboard catching s big wave” – I think we nailed this one.. Finally, we needed to build something for the person who “likes flying hot air balloons, and has some sort of alien encounter” thingy in their past.

Balloon artist - balloon centerpiece - balloon Air Jordan WM
balloon twister - balloon cockroach
balloon artist - birthday party - Balloon Penguin catching a balloon Wave
balloon artist - balloon alien and Hot Air balloon

As you can see, we can be pretty imaginative when it comes to pleasing our clients….each of these balloon sculptures were a hit with the person receiving the piece! Let us know how we can enhance your upcoming event. 210 734 9860