Ways to Incorporate Balloons for The Holiday Seasons

For most people, balloons are a sign of a good time! From a bundle of balloons tied to a mailbox to signify a birthday, to having balloon art made, they are a great way to add joy and awe to any event or celebration!

With the holiday season approaching, most people plan parties- these can range in settings from family and friends to coworkers. Having balloons is a great way to ensure that kids and adults alike can enjoy the fun decorations!

Rather than getting plain balloons and calling it a day, below are two unique ways to incorporate balloons for your event or holiday celebrations! 


While most holidays have set décor pieces, such as: a Christmas tree, Kinara, Menorah, Pumpkins, or a cornucopia- supplementing or replicating these with balloons is a great way to put a fun twist on the festivities!

Our Master Balloon Artists can build just about anything! Having the balloon versions of these holiday staples, especially for a party, add an element of fun and lightness! Plus, you can include more holidays, ensuring that it is inclusive!

Photo Stations

Who doesn’t love capturing memories of a great party or event? We offer custom balloon selfie frames, which are perfect for any event! Paired with holiday decorations and props, it is a great way to make the memory of a fun event last forever!

Need prop ideas? Some popular choices are: big sunglasses, chalkboards (and chalk!) so guests can write messages, feather boas, items related to the event or holiday, and face accessories on dowels!

Booking Information

While we do our best to accommodate any event, please understand that some holidays are more requested than others. Some holidays and events to keep in mind are:

National Night Out: We advise our clients to book around one year in advance.

Halloween: We advise our clients to book around one year in advance.

Thanksgiving: We advise our clients to book as soon as possible- or at least a few months in advance.

Christmas: We advise our clients to book as soon as possible- or at least a few months in advance.

Easter: We advise our clients to book as soon as they have the date for their event.

Please note: For first-time clients, an event is not considered booked until a deposit is made to us!

We understand that you may feel discouraged if your date is unavailable, or if you feel it is too close to the date to book it. Rather than email us, please make sure you call us at 210-734-9860 to see if your date is available, or to be placed on our “Standby in case of cancellations” list! 

Due to the custom nature of our pieces, we have policies in place regarding our services.

Our policies ensure your total satisfaction and outline steps we take to make sure your balloon art lasts as long as possible!

Why Choose Us?

We have been providing the San Antonio area with entertainment and dazzling décor since Balloonamations became All Things Balloon in 2012. We put immense effort and pride into our balloon art and decorations, and we know you will love them!

Not only do we have top-of-the-line decorations, but we also offer services such as face painting, and singing telegrams! In fact, All Things Balloon is the only company in the San Antonio area that provides Singing Telegrams!

To book any of our services or to ask any questions, visit us online or call us at 210-734-9860!

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