What can we do in 60 minutes?

When we book an event, we usually ask “How many kids do you expect at your party?”

We need to have an accurate count so we can properly let you know how much time it will take to give ALL of your little guests something really awesome from our entertainers.

Our goal is for each one of your guests get a really cool balloon, or enjoy some of  the most fantastic face painting artists in San Antonio. We can only achieve this goal if we have enough time!

We tell our clients that we can normally provide balloons OR face Painting for about 15 kids per hour, since it usually takes us about 3-5 minutes per child. So, if you only hire us for 60 minutes, and you have 25 kids requiring our services, something has to give.

We really HATE to lower our standards, but we can only provide mediocre balloons or face painting if we have only a couple of minutes per kid. No one gets to see our “good stuff,” and  we spend most of our time saying something like “yes, I can build that, but I don’t have enough time – sorry.” When really pressed for time, we often have to revert to a 3-balloons or less selection — dogs, flowers, and swords. We do our darndest to make these as cute/cool as possible, but we are truly handcuffed by the lack of time and the goal that EVERYONE gets a balloon/face paint. Face painters have the same problem – do they have enough time for beautiful half- or full-face designs, or just barely enough time for a quick small cheek design that only takes a minute or so.

For example, our super talented balloon artists can usually crank out:

  • about 75 1-balloon swords in an hour
  • nearly 60 1-balloon dogs in an hour
  • about 50 2-balloon flowers per hour
  • around 25 3-balloon penguins, flowers, space guns, etc. in 60 minutes
  • almost 15 4-balloon lady bugs, mermaids, dinosaurs, space aliens, sharks…..our usual repertoire
  • less than 10 Spiderman, Ninja Turtles, princesses, octopuses, dragonflies, bats, etc. These are really detailed sculptures.
  • maybe 3 of the simpler “character” balloons – Minions, Olaf, Buzz, scorpions
  • probably 2 of the least complicated vehicles – monster trucks, x-wing fighter
  • only 1 of the creations featured on this website — which is why only the special kid get the super cool, amazing, awesome (you fill in the blank) balloon sculpture!

We think most of our clients hire us because of the super cool balloon art we can create, NOT because we can simply provide some sort of balloon for a whole bunch of people. There are a whole lot of less expensive alternatives if that is what your event requires — there are lots of local balloon twisters that can handle your event. But if you want balloon artists to come and spend a little time finding out what would make your little guest really happy, and then create  something awesome just for them, then please consider using All Things Balloon for your entertainment needs.

We do not want to disappoint any of your guests, so please plan enough time, and PLEASE select a package that will truly delight your guests!!