What to Keep in Mind for Successful Face Painting

What to Keep in Mind for Successful Face Painting

Face paint is the perfect way to add some extra fun to a party and allow kids to express themselves with their favorite designs! It’s important to be aware though, that face painting isn’t as simple as an ordinary paper party craft.

To really enhance the face painting experience at your event and guarantee it’s a hit, you might want to consider hiring a professional. But, if you’re opting for some DIY work, be sure to keep these tips in mind so your partygoers leave your studio with a brilliant smile to match their dazzling design!

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Use a different brush for each color.

Eliminate the need to stop and wash brushes every time you switch colors by designating one for each hue. This will save you some time and help you work your way through the endless line of kids waiting to be adorned with a fun and vibrant piece. You’ll also want to have a sponge for each color, as they’ll be more efficient for covering large areas. Don’t forget though, you still need to wash your tools in between faces to keep everything fresh and sanitary!

Pay attention to the products you choose.

When heading to the store to buy face paint for your party, go for the makeup section—not the craft aisle. “Non-toxic” and “washable” labels typically apply to clothing and other materials. Invest in a quality brand that’s specifically intended for skin. Familiarize yourself with the ingredient list as well, so you can remain conscious of any allergies or skin sensitivities your guests may have!

Draw the design, then color it in.

To get a crisp and accurate image of your subject’s preferred drawing, start by carefully outlining with brushes. This will give you a template to work within and make it easier to get the details right. Once you have your stencil, fill in the color with brushes.

Apply two coats to achieve a deeper color, starting with lighter colors and adding the dark ones in after. Let the first coat dry so it keeps a smooth appearance when you go over it again. Save the special touches, like glitter, temporary tattoos, or stickers for last!

You can never go wrong with an expert!

At All Things Balloon, we have a team of skilled and experienced artists that dedicate themselves to making your party guests’ face painting visions come to life—kids and adults alike! Spend the duration of your party making sure things run smoothly and enjoying the fruits of your labor, not worrying about being the next Picasso.

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