Why You Need a Selfie Frame for Your Corporate Event

Balloon Picture Frames & Decor in San Antonio, TX

Corporate events are a great way to promote your company to a new audience and get your staff more involved with the business. It takes a lot of planning and strategy to make your event a success though, which means you often need to think outside of the box if you want attendees to have a memorable experience. One great way for modern businesses to make their event stand out is to have a selfie frame!

A selfie frame or photo frame is a prop that’s used as a faux picture frame while taking photos at an event. These frames are usually made of cardboard, foam, or even balloons (if you’re looking for something especially one-of-a-kind). They’re often branded with company logos, slogans, and/or event hashtags too. A selfie frame may sound like a gimmick, but it’s actually a smart business move—and here’s why:

Cost-Effective Entertainment

First and foremost, you want your attendees to have a fun and memorable experience at your corporate event. When customers have a good time, this leaves a good, lasting impression of your business in their minds. A photo frame will be a fun draw; everyone will want to line up and take their turn. As a bonus for you, it’s also an inexpensive entertainment solution, as opposed to hiring a DJ, musician, speaker, or other entertainer.

Customer Engagement

Along with being a source of entertainment, a selfie frame is an opportunity for you and your employees to have fun and relax with your customers and clients. When you engage with your attendees, you’ll make them want to stay longer (making them more likely to buy your products) and get to know your company better. This type of direct engagement is often a more effective way to network and make stronger, more quality connections. Plus, you’ll even have photos to help you put faces to names after the fact!

Boost Social Media Opportunities

Active social media presence is a must for businesses these days. What better way to get the social media ball rolling for your event than with the perfect selfie setup? Use a customized photo frame with your company’s name or logo to increase brand awareness online. Encourage guests to post their pictures by creating a special hashtag for your event. This will spread a good impression of your business across social media channels. The more shares and likes these posts get, the more free promotion and networking potential for your business. You can also capture data from social media users, which translates into concrete leads captured.

Improve Employee Morale

Corporate events should be fun for employees as well as customers. A selfie frame will encourage staff to interact with each other and guests to promote bonding and team-building. It will help make your event an exciting and engaging atmosphere and give employees fond memories and fun photos to look back on or decorate their office with. When your team feels as though you care about their happiness, they’re more likely to work productively and remain loyal to your company.

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