Balloon Artists and Balloon Twisters

balloon artist - undersea centerpiece
Clown Fish Centerpiece
balloon artist - balloon triceratops
Huge balloon Triceratops
Kid's birthday; balloon artist: balloon Hot Rod
balloon artist- balloon CAT front loader for kid's birthday party

All Things Balloon, Inc. -m shoulder patch

Our talented balloon twisters produce some of the most detailed, most intricate, most amazing things out of balloons!

Please check out some of the great examples of balloon art that we have built so far….

Does your event theme need Pirates, Pirate Ships, Mermaids, Spongy Bob, sharks, crabs, lobsters, octopi?   PRESS HERE FOR THAT PAGE
How would Lions, Tigers, Elephants, Monkeys, Birds, Dogs, Horses, Giraffes (or bunches of other critters) fit with your decor?   PRESS HERE
Maybe mechanical things that roll, fly, or walk would fit the bill. Check out our VEHICLES PAGE  for examples of balloon art that moves you 🙂
We’ll bet that DRAGONS, DINOSAURS AND INSCETS will be popular for many events!
We also have some pretty spectacular HOLIDAY BALLOON creations for those special holiday events.

Just some of the events that our balloon artists would be perfect for…

— birthday parties
— trade shows
— company picnics
— grand openings
— customer appreciation events
— employee appreciation events
— Christmas events
— Bar Mitzvahs

Please remember – our balloon twisters do their best work when protected from wind, rain and blazing sunlight. The also can not work in the dark, or when the temperature drops below 50 degrees or so. When they can’t see, or can’t feel their fingers, they can not perform their balloon magic.

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