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Easter Bunny costume
Singing Telegram - teddy bear
Singing Telegram - Grimm Reaper
Singing Telegram - monkey
Singing Telegram - Chicken
Singing Telegram - Ms Clause

Singing Telegrams in San Antonio, TX

Need a crazy, unique and fun way to celebrate an special occasion?
One of our Singing Telegrams may be your solution!

In this age of instant communication, pervasive social media and high tech gadgets, it is sometimes fun to do stuff the old school way — for instance, Singing Telegrams!

While we don’t think anyone actually uses real telegrams to send important messages anymore,  we believe there is still a need for this critically important service.

Do you need to give someone a present but you don’t know what to get them? Do you want to send a gift that they will talk about for a long time? Send a Singing Telegram! Whether it’s a chicken dancing the chicken dance or an ape that likes to monkeying around, one of our Singing Telegrams will provide memories (and videos) that will last a lifetime!!

Look over our cast of whacky characters, and picture one of them showing up and surprising the heck out of your victim with a goofy song, a balloon bouquet, and a BUNCH of photo opportunities! Photos will be taken, videos will be posted, and hilarity will surely ensue!

For $120, our singing telegrams include:

>   Costumed character to serenade your victim

>   A custom song for the occasion

>   Balloon bouquet for the occasion

>  Keepsake copy of the telegram song

Several costumes are available — our most popular costumes are:

–  Monkey

–  Grim Reaper

–  Funky Chicken

–  Teddy Bear

PLEASE NOTE: as entertainment professionals, we strive to to be in place a few minutes early….please ensure the intended victim(s) are in place at the right time, too! Like everyone else, we are very busy, and some of our costumes can get really hot!  WE MAY CHARGE AN ADDITIONAL FEE (usually $20.00 per each 15 minutes AFTER the agreed time) if we are required to wait.

It’s an experience they’ll never forget!! And maybe one they’ll never forgive you for!!!

To book one of our whacky singing telegrams

call    210 734  9860   today!

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